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Revolutionary link shortener dedicated to generate passive income for clicks on shared links. Without an alternative, we were approached in terms of quality.

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The service is adapted to all traffic sources and devices, and also gives a choice from low to aggressive monetization.

Easy Tools

Lots of reports, detailed analytics, mobile adaptation and an intuitive interface in our control panel.

Comprehensive Monetization

The service is heavily integrated with many advertising providers and revenue optimization systems.


Comfortable methods

The service includes 12 payment systems and everyone will find a convenient option for themselves. Almost zero commission, the threshold for a request is from $1 and funds are received within 36 hours

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Simple and profitable

Referral system

If you do not have a source of traffic that will bring you income - we have an invitation system. Share a special link and get 15% of the income from the payments of registered users.

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Here, in this service, we have collected everything to make you feel comfortable. Each page of the website is made by professionals in their field.